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I have nearly had my entire body treated here: neck, hand, shoulder, knee, low back and sciatica. In each case, my condition was fully resolved. The therapists are all very knowledgeable and highly skilled, the front desk staff are friendly. Anytime I am injured, Physical Therapy & Hand Clinic of Hillsboro is the first place I think about going, even before my PCP. I cannot recommend this clinic enough.

-Cindy D.

Everyone was very knowledgeable and pleasant to work with. I highly recommend making an appointment here for all your physical therapy needs. This would be my first choice if I ever need PT sessions.

-Cathy M.

I can't rate this clinic highly enough! I came in to address chronic back triggers/knots. After a few visits, I was able to resume lifting weights heavy again, free from being severely triggered after each workout. Feeling my muscles release during treatment was as good as it gets!

-G. H.

This was my second knee replacement recovery with them. They were professional and had the experience to suggest modifications that totally turned my recovery around. I would definitely recommend them and if another replacement was needed I would go back.

-Dirk M.

I highly recommend this PT clinic! Everyone there was so friendly my physical therapist helped me more than I even thought possible. He is the best physical therapist I have ever seen and took my injury very seriously, and provided me with great exercises to improve the pain.

-Hannah S.

Highly recommend. I had a great experience. The office staff is very friendly and excellent to work with. I worked with a hand therapist to recover from hand surgery for Dupuytren's contracture. She is enjoyable to work with and a real experienced pro in hand therapy. She explains things very well and provides accurate expectations for progress. After only a few visits (and following her instructions between visits), the progress in my range of finger movement was incredible.

-John L.

I highly recommend them!! After breaking my wrist very severely, my surgeon recommended PT&HCH for my physical therapy. It turned out to be the best thing ever, as my shoulder was greatly impacted as well, and I did therapy for both wrist and shoulder here. They knew exactly what I needed and how far to push me each time. I recovered much more use than my Dr. predicted, and I'm so grateful!

-Tani P.

My therapist was just extremely helpful in fixing the shoulder pain I was experiencing from rock climbing. He was very mindful of the fact that I was paying out of pocket and I very much appreciated that. I highly recommend giving this clinic a visit

-Matt M.

I highly recommend this PT clinic. My physical therapist listened to me and recommended exercises that worked. My neck and back improved under his care and my quality of life is so much better.

-Andrea W.

They helped get me back to work after tearing by bicep. Very professional group to work with. I highly recommend Physical Therapy & Hand Clinic of Hillsboro.

-Shelli F.

I worked with a physical therapist exclusively for my neck problems, and the hand therapist for my hands. EVERYONE at the clinic I dealt with is professional, kind, very well informed, and very skilled at what they do. That includes the front office staff, who often don't get the attention they deserve. My PT is one of the best physical therapists I've worked with over a few decades of needing PT. His soft tissue work is exceptional, and his attention to detail in terms of what works and what doesn't is unparalleled in my experience. My hand therapist’s work with my hands was detailed, through, and tailored to my specific problem, not the cookie cutter therapy that I've received at other PT/OT clinics. They both gave me work to do on my own, and the reasons why, and (contrary to normal practice) got me out of the cycle of "go to PT, go home, go back, repeat" ASAP. I recommend them to anyone who asks, hands down (no pun intended). Another note: they worked with me and my insurance so that what I had to pay out of pocket was less than I expected - THAT doesn't happen in the current medical environment very often, if ever. If you need PT or OT you can't go wrong here.

-John H.

I was confused and feeling helpless when I found about the clinic, I had a bad case of tennis elbow. The clinic has helped me tremendously and I am on the road to recovery, just within two weeks of physiotherapy I am able to do all the tasks with minimal discomfort and strength has regained a lot. Special thanks to my physical therapist. I would highly recommend this clinic.

-Amaan A.

They helped to get me back to where I was before the injury. Dedicated to helping you with their best efforts. I say the best a person can find.

-Jose G.

I was referred to the Physical Therapy and Hand Clinic for some problems with my leg and knee. Was super impressed with how efficiently my PT was able to treat my pain - along with a dose of empathy and advice for not having recurring problems. Highly recommend this place for any physical therapy needs.

-Scott S.

The staff are very friendly and my PT was excellent. He was very helpful at getting the best and fullest use of my shoulder while always being careful not to cause undue pain. I fully recommend this office for your physical therapy needs.

-Charles P.

From the phone call to the last visit this clinic is professional, knowledgeable and customer needs oriented. My physical therapist was referred by Orthopedic staff. Her warm and progressive demeanor assisted with healing.

-Jane B.

He sido paciente en la clínica de Terapia localizada en Hillsboro, en tres diferentes ocasiones. El servicio que recibí fue exelente los terapistas son extremadamente profesionales, y se preocupan por las necesidades de sus pacientes. Yo personalmente como Hispana me sentí muy satisfecha co el trato que recibí. Recomiendo esta clínica 100%.

-Delores G.